My Letters

I Wish

I wish you could apologize to me for the things you had done.  At one time I had such high hopes for us.  I even strongly considered how we could look as a family, me you and my girls.

When I would question your behavior you would deflect the real issues by bringing up minor unrelated nonsense from the past.  You would then expend great effort to make a mountain out of a molehill, all the while never addressing the real and more important issues.

When I would brush off these attempts by you to deflect the discussion, you became further enraged.  It soon became obvious that you were trying to hide your behaviors by refusing to address them.  You lied by omission.

I know the woman I was falling in love with and picturing as part of my family was a fake, a rendition only of my desires and not a real woman.  Your representation of my perfect woman was almost perfect, except you over played your character.  You deviated from the script one too many times.  The audience noticed the contradictions, the mistakes you made.  Your performance became labored, unintelligible, incoherent, your mistakes obvious.

I would have given you everything you needed, not everything you wanted.  There is a big difference and I know intimately what it is.

Love is returned freely when given freely

Respect is earned through feminine submission

Honor is recognized through actions


Letter to Christine

Our first Three Dates

I told you too much about me way too soon.  Shit, I think I practically told you my life story the first night we met.  Most women would run away then, because I had a truck load of baggage to deal with at that time, but not you.  You gave me your number and I gave you my business card.  I remember you sent me an email the very next day.  Of course you CC’d the the fat guy who was talking with us at that event.  I always wondered, if he called you or emailed you back.

On or first date about a week later you had me come over for dinner.  It now seemed a little strange that you had a complete stranger come to your house on the first date.  I would think most woman would like to meet in public for the first date at least.

I broke all of the rules.  I talked about my wife, my business problems and I am sure everything else that should turn off a woman.  Not you, you just smiled and asked questions.  I even remember trying to get a peek up your skirt when we were sitting on the couch, and being sorely disappointed to learn they were skirt/shorts.  I guess that’s what happens to a man when it’s been months since he even touched or smelled a woman.  We had chicken, because I grilled it for us.  I remember you asking me if I knew how to grill.

I remember telling you how when my wife left me a mere four months before how devastating it was to me.  I told you that the pain inside of me was still pretty unbearable at times.  I admitted to you how all I needed was someone to love, to express my emotions with, a friend and a lover.

I think we talked for a while and then I left.  I was nervous, seeing as I had not been on a date with another woman in over 12 years.  I wondered if you would call me again.

On our second date, we went to my friend’s house on the lake.  You were the hottest woman there in your little white bikini.  Your big beautiful tits just spilled out of your top.  Your ass was amazing.  All the men ogled you.  It didn’t bother me though.  When we took the boat out and we all jumped in the warm water, I thought for sure you and I were going to have sex in the water in front of hundreds of other boaters.  Remember that couple on one of the boats where the woman was giving that guy head?  I was so hot for you then.  I loved how you straddled me in the water, how I played with your pussy thru your bikini bottoms.  I remember how you made sure you ground my hardness into you.

The day turned into night and we barbequed that night at my friend’s house.  I still don’t know what I did or said, but you told me not to make you look like a whore in front of my friends.  You smoked a lot of pot that night and drank to excess it seemed.  I did not drink much that night.  I had to drive.

We drove home and you dropped me off at my house.  I invited you in.  I think you stayed for only a bit though.  We did not have sex that night either.  You drove off alone.

Our 3rd Date

I don’t even know if this would qualify as a date, but you invited me over for dinner and to give you a massage.  I’m rusty, but I’m not that dumb.  I figured where this might just lead up too.  I gathered up the Trojans and I was off to your house.

You answered the door in a little red with white polka dot sundress.  My god, I loved how your hips filled that dress.  I don’t remember eating or anything else about that night but I remember the massage.

When it was time for that, oh, I was ready, and probably way too excited.  I am sure you could just smell my desire for you.  I can still see you when you slowly peeled that dress off and how it fell to the floor.  You had nothing on but a black thong.  At the beginning I had all of my clothes on, but I think it was you who told me to “get more comfortable.”  I did by stripping down to my drawers.  You had the oil on her headboard, so I started.  I am not the best at massage, but I did learn a thing or two in the past about erotic massage.  I remember how the massage started innocently enough, but in short order I was rubbing your tits and then your pussy through your panties.  I would rub you sensually taking special care to pay a lot of attention to all of your erogenous zones.  My fingers would “slip” inside your panties quite often and I could feel how aroused you were by the extreme heat and how you were practically dripping wet.  I started to then use my tongue on you and I started kissing you all over your body.  You tried to play coy, but I knew that no woman before was able to stop herself when I did this.  I teased you mercilessly.  When I thought you were good and ready, I went to close the deal.   You stopped me.  You told me “I am not that kind of girl.”  Really, you’re not?  I was just barely able to muster up enough self respect to stop and get up, before I resorted to begging.  I’m sure I begged a little though.  We took some time to cool down.   I don’t remember what happened, but I know I left.  I probably rubbed one out when I got home.  I know I slept alone that night.

To the Readers: As I write this I feel that knowing what I know now, which I have only alluded to you thus far, I wonder if she called in another man to “finish” her off, and who that man was.  I can tell you the arousal for me was practically unbearable.  Her arousal was also extremely high.  I was so desperate for any woman’s touch I would likely had done anything to have sex with her during any of these dates.  I was like a fly in a trap and she knew it.  Thinking back on the massage night, or any of the date nights for that matter, there was no good reason for us not to have sex.  Come to think of it, at my age and especially at her age, she is quite a bit older than me; there is no reason to wait past the first or second date before having sex.  I’m a highly attractive and desirable man to any woman I would meet.  She should have been grateful I wanted her at all.  I have met many women like her and experienced how they flaunt their raw sensuality.  It is these same women that use their sexuality and as a tool and a weapon to manipulate men. It is disturbing that at 45 years old, Christine still behaved in this same manner, behaving without discretion.

When a woman is younger it is ok for her to make the man wait for sex for a limited amount of time in order to secure commitment from the man.  It is respectable if she would behave in this manner consistently throughout her life.  This is sexual discretion.  These women are fairly respectable and I am not talking about them.  They usually also have had very low numbers of past sexual partners.  I have a problem when promiscuous women use this waiting period as a way to manipulate a man into thinking she is far more innocent than what she actually is, or to fool the man that she has had only a “few” past sexual partners.  If a woman has given it up before on a first or second date in the past, especially an older and more promiscuous woman, this woman needs to realize that most men of high value feel will feel duped and will lose respect for the woman once he realizes the truth about her and her past actions. Women always show the truth about themselves if you just watch listen, but they normally seem to lie about the number of men they have had sex with in their past.  An older woman is just that, old, and if she did not hit the wall already, she will soon.  Reality tells me that she needs to be far less picky, especially with the good high value men, which brings up the question of my actual value dating this much older woman.  She had no reason to play that game with me, and that’s what it was, a game and a manipulation tactic to make me thing she had morals and has exercised discretion in her past.  I will elaborate more about this in the future.  I will write about more about what we did together during the first months of our relationship later, but for now I will say that I would have respected her more if I had sex with her on the second or third date.  That would have shown me then that at least she was honest about her desires and her attraction to me was genuine.  I can always respect an honest woman, but they seem to not be very common nowadays.  She told me a few months later when we were talking about some random things that she decided on the first night.  She decided within the first 10 minutes of meeting me that she knew she would have sex with me.  Maybe she should have just fucked me then?

This whole subject bothered me because that means I was not Alpha enough, or high value enough,  to either demand sex or walk away immediately or set the frame where she would have actually done the demanding of me on the first or second date.  In my defense, I was still very much in my married Beta mindset and my self esteem was also at rock bottom at this time, due to my wife just leaving me. Therefore I refuse to be too hard on myself, but it’s something I thought about.  We did end up having sex later (see the next letter).  Don’t get me wrong, I was really happy that it happened and the circumstances worked out very well. Remember, I am not bitching about having to wait a few dates for sex in general, just being made to wait by a woman with an agenda and who was obviously pretty slutty to begin with.  Nevertheless Christine is a fairly sexy woman for her age, her pussy was pretty good, and she had some mad skills in bed.

These particular incidents now just show me that even in the very beginning she had an agenda and was planning and scheming for an end goal only she knew about.  The passion was more than hot for us to have had sex much sooner.  She used sex as a weapon and a tool on these first dates.  You will see in future letters that she never let the relationship take its own natural course.  She was always trying to rush things and guide events to suit her and her timetable.  She refused to let love grow on its own and in its own time.  Hopefully you will see why.


Letter to Christine

Stained Sheets

By: MonkeyWerks

I had a dream last night.  As usual I don’t really remember it.  I was thinking about you last night, writing another letter. It is probably what brought about the dream.  I do know the dream really bothered me.  Like this morning, it seems I remember more about what happened and things you said to me.  For some reason, is in the morning when things are clear.

You told me many times that you love sex on clean sheets.  Even on the day when you came over, the day we broke up, you brought your sheets up and were genuinely mad that I did not come over and fuck you every time you changed your sheets.  Why would you be mad at such a thing?

This morning I was thinking about that. I remember thinking about that during our relationship too.  I was thinking about when you washed your sheets.  As a guy I know I don’t wash mine enough.  In general women do seem to wash their sheets more often.  This is taking in account that both the men and woman are single.  I was thinking about your sheet washing schedule.  I thought that you never washed them on a specific day or at specific interval.  When I would spend the night and look down at your bed before getting in I remember noticing all the stains on your sheets.  I did not know if they were new or old stains.  I did not know if they were fresh from the night before or made long ago.  I do know however, you and I did not cause them.  It would come to my mind the question of how many men have you had sex with on your bed and on those sheets.  It would come to mind who was the man that you were with when the different stains were made.  I would get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I though how you liked to have sex with me on clean sheets because the dirty sheets were recently made dirty by you and someone else.  It made me think that it was like a new start for you somehow, more manipulation of yourself furthering your own delusions, hiding your infidelities.  I always felt like you were having sex with other men when you were supposed to mine alone.  I don’t know why, but it was always there, in my gut, tearing me apart.  It was draining.  This was probably the reason I did not like spending the night at your house, or even being at your house.  There were too many ghosts of your boyfriends and lovers past.  It was all those stains on your sheets.  You had sex with Mark, Terry, Francis, the boat guy, and me on that bed, at least that’s the ones I know about, the ones you told me about.  I wondered how many more there were?  I wondered how many more men were invited into your house for the very reason to make more stains on your sheets. I only had sex with my wife and you on my bed.  All the stains on the new mattress pad are from you and me.  I have to change that now, so I can start new.  I need to start new.  I don’t want any stains on my sheets.

I told you about this once and you responded that I was being immature.  No, I am not immature at all.  I just realized the truth about you and female promiscuity long ago.  I realized in my heart, that when I start to fall in love with a woman, the thoughts of her many past boyfriends and lovers do in fact bother me, they haunt me somehow.  This issue gives me pause, when I think if a woman is deserving of my love and commitment.  It makes me want to find a woman who was not so promiscuous, who has less stains on her sheets.  This issue came up when you were trying so desperately to convince me to move in with you.  You knew deep down why your bed bothered me, it was not the dog, it was the stains on your sheets.  I always knew that you did not care about my feelings about that issue or any other issue really, but you did try to manipulate me to accept all of your bad behaviors, telling me I should never worry about the stains on your sheets.  You tried to make me believe you had changed, that you would behave with me.  Maybe that is when you decided that we needed a new house together.  Maybe you thought that in a new house your past lovers would not haunt me or torment you so much.  Maybe you thought that you could change who you really are with me, but we know the truth, don’t we?  I knew we would keep your bed, and we would keep your mattress and the sheets with all the stains on them, so the ghosts would always be there, forever, with us and between us.