By: MonkeyWerks

Most men have feelings, in fact I will say with certainty men and not woman are the only ones who can express true and honest love without expecting anything in return.  Because of this I strive to harden my heart just enough so I may temper my emotions towards women in general. I think this is necessary in this modern age, as women’s more undesirable natures are encouraged and more commonplace.

Anyways, this is the place I will talk about my feelings, my real ones and not the ones I sometimes finding myself needing to subdue.

I think during a man’s reinvention he will have to come to terms with the emotions that led him to embark on his journey in the first place.  I see that it is usually negative circumstances that cause men to follow this path.  I believe as a man realizes his inner self he will need to feel things that he has kept bottled up for quite some time.  That is the purpose of my letters.  Of course the women that are the subject of these letters, or any woman I would be involved with, will never read them.  As we know, it would serve no purpose if they did.

My thoughts in these letters are that they will allow me to come to terms with my past and my struggles with the opposite sex.  By doing this I imagine will be able to deal with the issues and emotions in the most positive and productive way.  After this is accomplished these issues will be neutralized and the emotions expressed in these letters can be turned into the motivation necessary to change myself into the man I want to become, a man who strives every day to reach his full potential.



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