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My Last Letter to My Wife

This letter was written almost 18 months after my wife left me one morning with my two daughters and without saying a word.  This letter is a not so brief summary of some of the more important subjects she was never able to talk about with me.  Every time I tried to talk to her about these things she would shut down and lock herself in the bedroom or bathroom.

I could not write this letter sooner.  I did not have the correct perspective to do so.  I gave her this letter last night when she dropped of the girls.  As I handed her this letter I told her, “I have always loved you more than anything. You never gave me the closure I needed when you left and this letter is my closure.”  She looked at me like she was a little surprised and then dismissive of me.  I don’t expect a response from her.  I think that in her mind she will be thinking in a patronizing and condescending way “oh well, this is just him blowing off some steam.  I was an excellent wife to him and it was all his fault and I had to leave.  He is just trying to get me to come back to him.”

I had to write her this letter so I can heal.  She has to read this letter so I could move on.

The Letter


This letter is my closure.  This is a synopsis of some of the things I felt and thought about concerning our marriage and after you left.  I wanted to wait until I was able to look at things as objectively as I could.  I wanted to wait until I knew that we would never fix US.  These are the things we should have discussed in length over the years.  These are the subjects that always frightened you to talk about.  Now that I am under no illusion as to the final outcome of our marriage and our impending divorce I have nothing else to lose.  I want you to know I was the best you will ever have.  You threw the most valuable person you knew away like yesterdays trash.  Now that I am finally starting my healing from the destruction our marriage and now that my life is finally starting to change for the better I can write and send you this.  It was a very hard road and I still have much work to do.  I will never forgive you for what you had done to me and the girls.  Your actions also affected my extended family.  However, I should actually thank you for leaving, because I have finally realize the truth about you, and about many other things and people in my life. I have come to better understand yours and my family’s lack of moral courage to at least attempt to mitigate or mediate our separation.  I will never condone it and I will never forgive it, but it is this understanding that truly sets me free.  There is so much freedom in the truth.  You will not like some of the things mentioned here.  I don’t care about that anymore.  I cannot bite my tongue and pretend I didn’t feel what I felt or think what I thought.  I cannot go back to the ignorance I once had.  I refuse to pretend that you were better than what you are.  I can no longer fool myself into thinking you were a good wife that satisfied me to the fullest.  I cannot pretend you are a good mother when you willingly break up our family causing great harm to our children.  Our marriage was mediocre at best and a total sham at worst.  Both of us are to blame for that, but the bulk of the blame is on you. When I was working my ass off, you were pretending you were never married.  You never concerned yourself with my business or the plans I had for our family’s future.  It was when we had a serious setback in the business you ran away.  There are several more reasons but I will discuss them in more detail below.  You were never abused.  I never hit you, I never swore at you and I never manipulated you or maliciously tried to hurt you feelings, I see now I should have done all of these things.  In fact you did all of those things to me, and I just took it for 13 years.

Tara, I have you written hundreds of letters in my head.  I have had thousands of conversations with you in my mind.  I have cried myself to sleep every night for the first four months after you left thinking about these things.  I have written dozens of letters to you.  There was just so much I wanted to tell you over the last two years that I thought I would explode if I didn’t at least do something with my thoughts.  If I didn’t write them down I would have gone crazy.  Until you actually read the words in this letter I cannot get the closure I need, I cannot go on with my life.  I won’t be able forget you, I won’t be able to hate you and I won’t be able to feel the indifference that you have obviously felt for me for quite some time, the indifference you obviously felt long before you finally left.  I have tried to understand that, but I cannot understand such irrationalities.  At first I could not understand why a woman would do what you did to her man and her family.  I understand this now.  I have come to believe only men can love honestly and you like so many other women will never feel that honest and beautiful emotion for a man.  I could not believe that the love you may have had for me could die such a death.  I cannot believe that your heart would turn cold so quickly.  The only correct conclusion must be that you never really loved me.  You may think you did, but your actions are not signs of love.  You may think you had tried to fix our marriage, but you never tried in the ways that would work.  You only tried in ways that were proven to fail all of the time.  You never tried to understand me.  If you understood what I had gone through, and my needs, we could have prevented this catastrophe.  Until you read this letter, I cannot love another woman with the same intensity that I had loved you.  When you do, I will be completely free to love another with all of my heart.  Of course, I do not expect any type of well reasoned and meaningful response from you concerning anything contained in this or any of my letters.  I don’t think you are deep enough for that.  I don’t think you have the courage to admit your own failures.  I don’t think you can be honest enough with yourself.  I don’t think you have the courage to admit that you never loved me the way you should have, the way I needed you to.  I don’t think you have the courage to challenge your beliefs that are wrong and replace them with ones that are true and that have been proven to work.  Looking back, we would never have been able to fix the real problems between us because that required you listening to me and following my directions, especially in the end.  I tried to influence your beliefs so in time, you would realize the truth.  It is only with a true and accurate understanding of gender dynamics that we would be able to hold our marriage together, not what we wish would happen.  Generations past seemed to have a much better understanding of these concepts.  I saw what was happening during our marriage and especially at the end.  I knew long before you left I was losing you and the suspected the real reasons why.  Not for anything I did really, but because of your thoughts and your beliefs.  I tried to make you see that.  I tried in so many ways to teach you.  But you always though you knew better than me.  You didn’t then and you still don’t, but now I have no responsibility to you and no reason to waste my energy on you.  I cannot afford to waste anything more on you.  You were taught that you would always know better than your husband and that you should always control him.  It was this belief I could never defeat.  It was this belief that doomed us from the words “I do”.

This letter is a purging of the toxic filth you left in my heart, my mind, my spirit and my body, like a sweet smelling poison, my love for you had almost killed me, it is still killing me, but more slowly now.  Now I am cleansing myself of your poisons little by little.  Day by day I am becoming much stronger, but I am still very weak compared to how I was before I loved you.  I am starting to see things for what they really are.  I am free from the opinions of my parents, society’s feminist beliefs, and the lies you tried to convince me were truths.  It took me this long to finally be able to see everything clearly.  You have lived in a fantasy world where black is white and white is purple.  You tried to bring me into your delusions of what a relationship and marriage should be and what love should be.  You had so many unrealistic expectations of marriage and of me.  Expectations no man could ever satisfy.  You have tried to turn me into your fantasy husband. I realized some time ago that no man could ever be what you expect him to be.  You always refused to accept and love me for me.  This explains so much.  That’s all I ever wanted from you.  That’s all I ever needed from you.

Actions have consequences.  Your actions that have hurt so many, me, the girls, the unborn child that you murdered, my unborn child.  Your actions have the potential to forever ruin lives. Your selfish acts have forever affected us, and we will all feel the terrible affects of your actions for many years to come.  You know this because both you and I are products of broken families.  The scary thing for me is your ability to lie to yourself with this reality staring you in the face.  You know the pain it causes the children; you know the pain it causes the adults.  Your father is still broken by the love he has for your mother.  So was my father for my mother.  I was afraid I would be forever broken and end up like them.  It will take all the strength I have to recover, but I am so tired.  I don’t want to fight anymore, but I will fight as long as necessary.  I just want to look into the blue sky once again and breathe my last.  I thought that when that day came I would be with you and the girls in my heart.  I thought if I died in combat my last good thoughts would be of you.  You were always the reason I fought so hard.  You were the reason I survived.  Now that you are gone, my reasons are gone.  For now, I cannot even believe in myself.

I think you have always been a very shallow and selfish woman.  A selfish woman does what you did.  A responsible giving woman would make decisions that benefited the whole, not to the point of self annihilation but in self sacrifice.  She would love honestly, be forever faithful, trustworthy and honest to a fault to her husband.  She would fulfill every need her husband had.  She would be her husband’s best friend and most trusted advisor and confidant.  Those are qualities I don’t believe you ever possessed, and that’s why I never really trusted you.  That is the reason I could never open up to you about my feelings and thoughts.  I don’t think you really even cared who I really am deep down, or what my needs actually were in our marriage.  You never asked, you never inquired and you certainly never showed any interest in knowing.  You never fulfilled my very simple and basic needs either way.  You thought in your mind you did, but you only wanted my needs to be what you thought they should be, not what they actually were.  Anyways, you refused to even consider them.  You certainly never asked me about them, and even if you did, your insecurities and beliefs would have compelled you to shame me for my human needs as you did time and again.  I have realized my needs are natural and normal and there are women who will enjoy fulfilling them because of the love they have for me and the love I have for them.  Nevertheless, you have only cared about your needs and desires only.  I now find it amusing that on so many occasions you tried to tell me what my needs should be, and then shamed me when I expressed my REAL needs to you.  Is this what you were taught?  I am fairly certain you don’t even know who you are deep down and what your real needs are.  I knew what they were in the beginning, but I lost sight of them in the end.  Now I again fully understand what they are.  I know that you would never admit to this, but your needs are not what you think they are, your needs are primal, instinctive, and the result of your childhood traumas.  I know this now.  I realized this far too late of course.

When you left me, you left at one of the times I really needed you the most. I needed your love and support more than ever at that time.  I lost the business a year before and was still reeling from that.  It was only together I could have rebuilt that which was lost.  It was at just that time I was finally able to start feeling better about that and started thinking again about success, but you fired the last round that my heart could take.  From that time on, the me that I loved was dead.  Whatever that was remaining of my self esteem and confidence was gone.  I was shattered.  When you left I felt hopeless and thought I would never again regain the part of me that made me the successful and loved man I was in the past.  At least I was wrong about that.  I will survive this like I survived other challenges and crisis in the past.

There is a very true saying that applies here:

“A woman cannot love a man as honestly and completely as he can love a woman.  She only loves how the man makes her feel at any given moment or what the man can do for her.  She only gives the man conditional love, while the man loves her unconditionally.”

When you left me, you destroyed me.  There is only so much a man can take, and you were able to do what no other person could do, break me and break my spirit.  After you left I sat on the couch for months in an empty house, still dirty from when you and your friends came and moved your things out.  I didn’t want to live any longer.  I was dead inside anyway.  I remembered the look in your blue eyes that day, the look of triumph.  I never thought I would see such coldness in the eyes I once found so beautiful and warm.  Eyes I lost myself in.

For many years I had been willing to do everything I knew how to do to insure a bright future for us.  I did the best I could do with the knowledge I had.  I never received the help I needed from you to do this.  I needed your help but you wanted to do your own thing.  There was no future in your plans or your activities.

I wish I could tell you I immediately went back to being how I was before I met you, confident, happy, successful and content with my life.  I wish I could tell you I went out and started socializing with beautiful women like I did in the past.  I wish I didn’t have to tell you how broken I was.  I wish I didn’t have to tell you I jerked off to your pictures with tears in my eyes, missing you so fucking much. I wish my brokenness didn’t make you as happy as it seems too.

I was dating two other very beautiful women when I met you.  They were good women, smart, sexy, and fun to be around.  They also had much better pasts than you and would have likely been much better wives and mothers as well.  I could have married any one of them if I didn’t join the Marines.  I never believed in “the one true love or soul mate” nonsense.  I believe that there are good woman and there are bad women.  You have proved to me over the years you are one of the later.  I regret passing by all of the good ones I met in the past for you.  But, as you know I joined the Marines.  This happened very soon into our relationship.  I should have just forgotten about you when I went to boot camp and left you to the wolves and what your life would have been without me.  I always believed that I saved you from yourself back then.  I know that for certain now.  As much as you want to deny it, you needed a strong man in your life.  You always did, because before me it seems like you looked for only the weakest of men, feminist men, homosexuals and the like, men who would never hold a woman accountable for their actions, men who did not understand their authority, men who did not have any power.  Lately I have thought what your life would have been like if I left you when I was Australia, or when I knew you were unfaithful to me.  I should have never forgotten either of those transgressions.  I should have judged you then as unsuitable for me which you proved yourself to be.  I should have ended it then knowing both of those things.  I gave you two chances too many.  I think it would have been much different; I think you would have had many more disappointments.  I think ultimately my life would have been better in many ways better if I didn’t marry you.  I think I wasted my one shot at marriage with a woman who was unworthy of taming me.  You would have been used by the other wolves.  You would have likely given the best of yourself to random men, leaving little to nothing for your husband like you did for me.  Then you would have married one of the weak ones that you seemed to gravitate towards.  He would have bored you eventually and then you would have been unfaithful to him or left him also, destroying his life.  I don’t think you would have been happy or satisfied with any man, well maybe a man who let you have his balls, a man who you could completely control.  But in the end it was I who became weak because if and in spite of you.

I changed a lot of my behaviors to be more acceptable to you while you kept most of your old beliefs and changed a only few things only for your own benefit.  You never did anything to be more acceptable to me.  It is painfully obvious that the thought never even crossed your mind.  I suppressed who I was so you wouldn’t leave me or be offended.  I was never bad and there was never anything wrong with me or my behaviors.  I know this now, I realized this too late.  I should have never been scared to lose you and it was you who were offensive.

Even when we were “supposedly” together you were getting drunk and fucking around with my brother friends and then you killed our baby.  Maybe it was never mine to begin with, come to think of it.  That would actually make more sense now that I think of it and the timeline of events.  I had to force myself to forget all of that.  It would have killed me to think about how evil your actions really were.  I had to believe the lie I had to tell myself that you were a good and honorable woman.  You never even apologized to me for that shit.  That’s so fucked up on so many levels.

I wish I didn’t follow my mother advice and the fucked up programming I received from her.  I wish I learned then what I know now.  I wish I had never married you.  I don’t say this because I want to be mean, but because I ended up choosing to love you more than any other woman I had ever met.  I chose to commit my life to you and our family, even though I realized far too late you could never give me the true fulfillment and happiness a wife should give her husband.  I had to find my happiness in my business and with my friends.  It was the only meaningful connection I had with other people.  I had though in the beginning our marriage would fail, in time.  The statistics don’t lie, only feminism does.  I knew your ideologies and conditioning would kill any long term commitments you may have promised me.  The commitment I had bet my life on. I thought I might lead you to change those beliefs, but I was terribly wrong. You never changed anything about yourself; you just got better at being you.  Taking my last name was bullshit, I always knew that.  You should have just kept yours so everyone would now you were a feminist.  Well, you will get that back soon enough.  I knew then you would do what you did and leave, or just start fucking other men.  I wish I had proof of any infidelity on your part.  It would have given me the strength to leave you and then never look back much sooner. Maybe you were and I was just deluding myself when I thought you were faithful to me.  I cannot trust anything you said to me in the past.  Only you know if Maddy and Zoe are truly my children.  However, if I do ever find out more about your infidelities it will make me reignite the hate I felt for you.  I really don’t want to know anymore.  I have worked very hard to feel the indifference for you I am now starting to feel like the indifference you have felt for me for so long.  I cannot let my failure at making you accountable for your past and present actions make me feel bad anymore.

I realized long ago it was a myth that a woman would truly nurture her man.  Women do not nurture men.  Women confuses their sympathy for true empathy.  This is a truth that has been hidden to many men for some time.  Men are told that women are mysterious.  That’s another lie because women are not a mystery at all.  When I learned about how their minds actually do work, I found myself in so many wonderful relationships with many beautiful women.  However, I put these truths in the back of my mind with you.  When a man is going through hard times it is exceedingly rare for a woman to be able to empathize with her man and support him on the emotional level he needs.  Many of the men I know are far more empathetic than that of any woman I have met.  That is another thing that happened to us.  I could never trust you to open up to you about what I was feeling because of your continuous judgment of my feelings.  You never once showed empathy towards me, sympathy yes, but never empathy.  I was always bothered by that.

It was when I had too trust you for lack of any better options, after the shit with the shop happened, you became totally disgusted with me, which proved I was right not to ever completely trust you.  That was one big reason our marriage was really never what I had hoped it would be.  That is a reason it was never as fulfilling as I always hoped it would become.  This was because of you, not me.  I will not allow you to change the narrative of our relationship any longer.

Anyways, when all of the challenges of business and life were happening, I never felt you really cared about what my work and my mission meant for me and our family.  When thinking back, I really never felt that you were really concerned about anything I was going through.  The only things I really felt from you were indifference and maybe disappointment when the shop was lost.  You said a few times you were proud of me before that happened, but the tone of your voice told me you were just parroting some nonsense you read in a book or heard somewhere, some crap that said you need to tell your husband this or that so he will do things for you or some such bullshit.  Sorry babe, you needed to actually mean it.  Plus that’s not how it works anyways.  I heard you telling me things that your heart showed me you never felt.  You never really supported me in any of my endeavors.  The only pride you might have felt was for the fact that your husband was a business owner or he was a Marine, but you were never proud of me for being me, or me doing the best I could, or working hard, or me having the foresight to try to accomplish my goals or my mission.  You seemed only proud of the status you received by being my wife.  It was when I failed you showed me how proud you were of me by leaving me.  When you left, and under the circumstances of your departure, it became apparent to me that the only value I was to you was as a business owner.  When the business was essentially lost, so was my value to you.  This is also confirmed by the many sarcastic statements you made to this effect afterwards.  It is a shame that this was the only value you ever saw in me.  If there was more, you would have shown it, you have never left.

Either way, there are women who will show me empathy and will be an asset in my life and not a liability.  There are woman who do share my interests and I will share theirs.  This additional richness in experience will benefit my daughters by exposing them to many more things than if you and I had stayed together.  You and I never had the same interests anyways.  You could care less about what I did.  It is important for a woman to follow her mans lead, but you never wanted too.  You wanted me to follow your lead.  You were only interested in doing your thing, which would never benefit our family unit into the future.

Another thing, when we met you were a failure at anything domestic.  You couldn’t clean, cook or even fuck.  Now you are apparently a good maid, an ok cook but you still suck in bed, at least with me you do.  I feel so disappointed that you only gave me the intensity I really needed less than a dozen times in our entire relationship.  It might have been a different marriage if you mastered the third skill.  I needed the intensity of our break up fuck all the time, not once a year on average.  Do you know how you fucked up my head with that?  Do you know that I had a screwed up perception of sex with that shit?  I learned that most women I know actually like anal sex.  Who would’ve thought?  The lies you told me never fit in my real world experience, and you tried to shame my experiences and knowledge by telling me all women believe in your lies.  The real world, with real woman, proves you have always been wrong.  I just wonder why you lied to me all those years about this shit.  Deep down I never believed your lies, thank God.  It’s a good thing I have very supportive friends, who helped me prove to myself I was always a good lover.  Maybe you gave your best to the men before me and only gave me the scraps.  Maybe your new lover is absolutely amazing and, shit I don’t know.  Speaking of that, it still fills me with great sadness and jealousy to think of another man touching you.  It should not, but it does.  Deep down I still want you to only want me.  I know you don’t, but while I am sharing everything else I thought I should mention it.

You made me feel shame for my desires, my needs and my skills.  Nothing about my desires was shameful then and there is nothing shameful about them now.  It would have done us well for you to have learned this a long time ago.  Maybe you just didn’t like sex.  Maybe you just didn’t like it with me?  Who knows?  I think its now funny how you pulled out all the stops on the last night we fucked.  I remember how you even told me that “this is what you will be missing.”  That was your only true statement to me in years.  The only thing I missed was the closeness I felt to you while we had sex.  That’s the only part of my sexual needs I received and even that was lacking.  With you gone, there was no reason for me to want to feel close to you.  I only missed doing it with you for that closeness, not the quality of the act, because it was consistently such a low quality.  I needed intensity in our love making.  I have bedded many women in my life and I know what I like and how to make a woman’s body respond to my touch.  I can give any woman intense pleasure.  I can make a woman cum very quickly and as many times as I wish.  You never let me touch you like that.  Your response told me my touch disgusted you.  I think maybe you were incapable of responding to any mans touch.  Your words and actions projected the disgust you seemed to feel when I touched you.  Even when we slept and I wanted to be close to you, you would shove me away.  Maybe you are a lesbian.  You told me you had those desires with your old roommate.  Now, wouldn’t that be funny?  I don’t even think about having sex with you anymore and have not thought about that for a very long time.  If I was to fuck you again today, I would just be…extremely disappointed.

This brings up something I thought about for years and even mentioned it to you once or twice.  When I would consistently cum in your pussy, we were closer to each other in general.  You seemed to love me more, and I know I felt closer to you.  I always needed to cum inside you.  It was so important to me and to us.  I think if you had true faith you would know that God would not give us any more children than what we could handle.  There is a lot of research that supports this.  It was when we stopped doing that, a real disconnect was felt between us.  I think the Catholics have that one right.  Maybe that’s why God does not like pulling out in the bible.  Well, you were always disgusted with anything masculine, you though sex with me was gross, you though my cum was gross, and the list goes on and on.  It was only a long time after you left that I found out you are the odd one.  Other women actually like all aspects of sex with me.  It was me who was too vanilla at first because you fucked up my thinking with your lies.  Now that I am back to normal thinking, sex is fun, intense and very satisfying for me and my partner.

You would have never started your business if not for my guidance and skills.  I taught you how to clean and I taught you the basics of a service business.  That knowledge didn’t just pop up in your head one day.  You never once acknowledged that.  You fooled yourself into thinking you did all of that yourself.  You did the work, the actual cleaning, but the brains and encouragement behind it initially were mine to a large extent.  You never even seemed proud of your business.  I never understood why.  I always thought you should have been more proud of what you did.

Another thing I saw was your cowardice for never being able to talk about any important issues we had between us.  It wasn’t me who couldn’t communicate, it was always you.  I am a good communicator.  I tried the best I could.  You would even freak out about specific words I would use.  I had to watch everything I said around you.  It was like walking on eggshells.  That was always your problem, it was never mine and I accept no blame in this, although I tried many times to change myself and take ownership of your deep seated emotional issues and insecurities.  That was my mistake, one I will not ever do again with you or any other woman.

It was your insecurities and emotional issues that ultimately prevented your own happiness and destroyed our marriage.  I don’t see you as having any peace in your life, until you accept this.  I see you trying to fake it though.  But I hope you realize this in time.  When that happens I hope you will change and then be able to find the true happiness that has eluded you for so long.  I see you realizing you made a mistake when you broke up our family. You feel that I abused you and I lived a double life.  That statement is grossly inaccurate, and you know it.  I had to walk on eggshells with you for more than a decade.  I had to watch my emotions and all of my words.  I could never honestly talk to you about any of my feelings, thoughts and needs.  That’s you abusing me in a very real sense.  That’s you killing my spirit slowly.  Is there any wonder I didn’t want to be around you for any amount of time?  Is there any wonder why I lost myself in my work?  Is it any wonder I sometimes had thoughts about giving my love to another woman?  I thought it was I who was so messed up when you left.  I felt so much guilt and shame about things I never did wrong.  The weapon that killed our marriage was your own emotional issues and insecurities.  The reasons for our marriage ultimately failing lay at your feet alone.

I would have done anything to save our family.  I always would have.  I tried the best I could with what I knew at the time.  But the most important thing that needed to be done was for us to communicate in an open, honest and meaningful way.  That never happened nor could it, not in the beginning and certainly not when we needed to the most.  You did nothing but bitch and complain.  You had a chance to work with me to fix US for almost 6 months after you left.  You squandered your only chance and now its gone forever.  I will replace you easily when I am ready but you will likely never replace me with a man of equal or greater quality.  Quality men like me look for woman of good character and integrity.  When you tell them your story they will know the truth and the frivolity of your actions will be apparent.  That is part of the lie you have chosen to believe in.  Good men don’t commit to single mothers or women who divorce for bullshit reasons.  Good men don’t have too.

I did many things that didn’t help the situation.  I take responsibility for my actions, even the ones that had good intentions, but led to poor results.  But in hindsight, most of those things were reactions from how you never met my needs and mistreated me over the years.  From the rage and the violence you showed towards me, to the indignation you had for me almost every day of our marriage.  I think it may have started when you murdered the baby.  A baby I was never sure was even mine to begin with.

Regardless, my sins were minor compared to yours.  There was no permanence to my sins.  The only thing you didn’t like about my actions was that it took control from you.  I wasn’t even sexually unfaithful.  You were just mad when you realized you couldn’t control my sexuality.  I would never give any woman that kind of control over me anyhow.  Very few women deserve that kind of power over a man and you were never one of those quality women. I gave you opportunity to prove yourself to be that woman, but you thought you were already perfect.  Your perceived perfection led to your loss of this control and authority over my desires.  Another woman has proven herself, and the behaviors you found so offensive are not even considered with her.  She does her job and the results speak for themselves.  She was not even opposed to the actions because she knew she could control those actions by doing her job and fully satisfying my desires.  She earned the authority to object by her actions.  You will do well to learn this.

My mother’s advice to me has always been wrong.  She destroyed the good relationships I had with the most marriageable and wonderful women I had met and encouraged relationships with broken women like you.  I still cannot fathom why she would do this.  By my mother’s insistence and prodding, I pushed away my first true love.  I wanted to marry her back then.  I really should have.  I took her virginity.  Sex with her was always amazing.  She was so sexy and beautiful I didn’t need to look at other women.  She is now married to my replacement and they have been married for years with several beautiful children.  I am very happy for her happiness.  Unfortunately, women like my mom raise men like me who cannot appreciate the good women.  I have since corrected that problem.  I have again realized what a prize I really am.  I have realized the high value I do posses.  I am not disposable like woman of your caliber and ideology seem to think all men are.

Maybe you were told to leave me by someone, maybe all of the books you read or your religion led you to make that decision for yourself without any other influence.  I guess it really makes no difference now.  I can honestly say, and this is based upon quickly going through what you were reading, your words and your actions during our marriage.  Most of what you think you want in a man and a husband is hogwash.  That’s why I never read that crap seriously, and would never actually do that crap in any relationship I was in.  Nothing written in those books or taught at your church teaches how truly satisfying and committed relationships work.  It shows the feminine imperative and how men should be pussies and be lead by their wives, but that is not how wives stay consistently sexually attracted to their husbands in the real world.  It is also against Gods order.  My real world knowledge worked with you and it works in the present.  You may object in order to maintain a false modesty or continue in your victimhood, but that is just your mind trying to rationalize and deny your very biology and instincts, which contradicts your conditioning.  What made you leave me was your hypergamy, your misandric attitudes, and me failing to continue being the man who sexually excited you.  I am responsible only for the third issue.  Another thing that caused you to want to leave was that I didn’t maintain enough consistent control over you and the marriage.  I let you have far too much independence.  You never proved yourself trustworthy for the independence you had.  On second thought, maybe that would have made me want to spend more time with you.

You are likely to meet a nice “religious” man at some point I am sure.  I really doubt he will manage to keep you sexually attracted to him for the long run, but we will see.  However, I wouldn’t wait much longer if I was you.  Women your age really start to go downhill fast, unlike men.  This greatly impacts the quality of the men you will meet.

When I met you at 20 years old and married you a couple of years later, I married my gorgeous young bride.  Even now I still think about how beautiful you were to me then.  I was able to experience you when you were at your youngest, when you were freshest.  If we were still married now and even ten or twenty years from now, I would always see in my mind that young beautiful woman I married and fell in love with.  No other man will ever have that.  No other man would be able to fall in love with your innocence, your tight pussy, your youthful beauty, your alleged sexual inexperience or your naivety.  You will never be able to give another man what I had.  You can only give him a body that has had two children, saggy skin and stretch marks, an unknown number of sexual partners and all of your emotional baggage and the unrealistic expectations you come to believe you deserve.  You will take out on him all of the hurts and disappointments and fabricated abuses you feel I did to you.  You will make him jump through hoops no man could ever satisfy.  You will take out on him all of your childhood pains that even now, you still refuse to deal with.  You will show him all of the shame and guilt you carry in your heart.  He will get the worst of you while I had the best years of your life, and what little good you had.  You will treat him worse than you treated me.

You may fell tremendous regret for giving me those years, and wish even now you gave yourself to another man instead of me.  That’s cool, given my deep regret for marring you.  It is only fair I suppose.  Maybe you feel like you ultimately settled for me and could have done so much better.  Maybe you could have, maybe not.  Maybe I was always second to who you truly loved but could never have.  Maybe I was always second best in your heart and that’s why you were only lukewarm in your affections for me.   Maybe you are already talking again to your true love, the one you should have married.  Maybe you never even loved me to begin with.  You had a choice though; you could have chosen to understand me and to love me with all of your heart.

In the end, love is a choice and a decision.  You could have chosen to not murder that child you told me was mine.  You could have chosen to allow me to grieve for what I thought was OUR dead baby that you killed against my deepest wishes.  You could have chosen to be courageous when you felt nothing but fear.  You could have chosen to realize that much of the social conditioning you learned in high school and college would lead you feel the unhappiness you always felt with me.  If you had chosen to allow me to be the man and lead our family, you would be happy right now.  You would be in a loving, stable and satisfying marriage.  Our remaining children would have ended up being raised in an intact household.  In your mind you delude yourself into thinking I was always the bad guy, when in reality it was always your choices that led to all of your unhappiness.   I was only recently able to fully realize that your unhappiness never had anything to do with me.  You were unhappy before you even met me.  You were empty in a way that I could never fill you.

I now wish with all of my heart I would have stopped talking to you and walked away from you and any future we might have had when you murdered that child.  Nothing you can ever do will ever make that decision ok.  I don’t care how much you pray, go to memorials, or how involved you are in the pro life movement, you will die with the shame and guilt of that baby’s blood on your hands, as will I, for not stopping you.

Unlike you, I can marry a much younger woman and start again.  I can get her innocence, youth and beauty and start another family.  I can correct the rough parts of my personality and with the wisdom of my years, do the things necessary that would insure a long and happy relationship.  I can only do this by my own self awareness and going through the work to change my conditioning and deal with the deep seated issues from my own childhood.

I still don’t know why you never made any effort to at least try to fix our marriage, or at least talk about it.  You may think you did try, but all you did was complain and judge me.  You never tried, because you refused to see yourself as anything but perfect.  You always saw me as the bad guy and the reason for your unhappiness.  I would think you would have at least tried to talk some things through when you left, if only to get healthy closure for both of us.  Maybe you are as selfish as I think you are.  Maybe you were having an affair in the end and really didn’t care.  Maybe you decided to leave me long before you actually did.  Maybe you never thought past your own desires to think that maybe it would be helpful to our children if I also got the closure I would need so I could move on quicker and be a better father.  No, you like all other modern women like you never think about anyone but yourselves.  I should have never expected anything else from you.  I should never have held you in the high regard that I did.  Fortunately I no longer put you on any type of pedestal.  Either way, I am now getting the closure I need by realizing how you really were very flawed in the beginning and are more so now.  Now I can see past the love I had for you to see the truth that everyone else saw in you.  Yes, many other people saw how fucked up you were to me.  Don’t be so shocked, it was more than obvious to them, but not to me.

I think you became totally lost when you merged the beliefs of your church to those of your prior feminist indoctrination.  I could have dealt with you being a feminist because I knew I could influence you to change those beliefs in time.  I remember when that was; I remember how you began changing for the worst.  I remember the last time we had a chance to succeed as a couple.  Unfortunately it was over before it hardly began.  I remember thinking then that I should have stopped you from adopting those beliefs or it will kill our marriage.  I was absolutely right.  It was when you adopted those beliefs that your church became your new husband and it would only be a matter of time when you actually divorced the old one, me.  It was like you joined a cult.  I had no place in your life after that.  I was nobody to you after that.  I can remember how you never once would even listen to my opinions on the matter.  That still makes me very angry.  Soon enough I will just laugh at it and you as you realize in the future how much of lie that church is.

My opinions and thoughts only mattered if they corresponded positively to the beliefs of your church.  That’s not healthy.  That’s one reason I hated you going there.  They used something so important and beautiful to corrupt you.  They perverted the word of God to control you.  They twisted Gods word to the extent you really believed you were right for leaving me.  I wonder what other sins their teaching made ok in your mind.  I hear sexual immorality, divorce, adultery, premarital sex, and other sins are rampant in your church and affiliated churches.  Wow, your church seems more wicked than the secular world.  It was in Hawaii when I realized you were much more interesting and fun before you believed in that church’s teachings, but at the time I had bigger things to deal with.  It was then I should have left you and never looked back.  It was then when I was still able to do so.

It not Christianity I am opposed to.  I never was.  I always liked the idea of all of us attending the same church.  The bible even gave me the authority to pick a church or have the final say on which one we would attend, but you don’t believe in that part of the bible, do you?  It was always about their control over you and you in turn trying to control me.  Even the bible warns that women are much easier to deceive than men in these matters.  I have been a Christian for far longer than you.  I have knowledge and faith.  I had a two hour long discussion with your pastor and he couldn’t even rationally debate me or address my concerns in a logical and rational way.  His magic tricks did not work on me in his circular arguments.  He used every false argument and doctrine in his arsenal.  I was mad then, but its funny as hell now, because that’s where he is going.  It was then that I realized he is not stupid; he knows exactly what he is doing, but he is also wrong and he is also deluded.  My knowledge about the Bible and doctrine has always surpassed yours. Not because I am so much smarter, but because I was willing to learn things for myself and no my own, and I studied subjects sometimes for years.  I never needed another to guide me.  Most of what I learned was when I did not belong to any church.  I can think and reason for myself about these things.  I studied ceaseless for years to understand and find the answers to my questions.  I don’t think you have ever done that, I know you haven’t.  You have only shown me your willingness to adopt what your church teaches without any consideration as to the truth or validity to the doctrines that were presented.  You refuse to consider any other analysis or point of view.  During the rare times when we talked about my dislike of your church you only parroted what you heard during the last sermon.  I always thought you were smarter than that.  I was very disappointed when I realized how easily fooled you can be.  However I am not delusional.  I don’t believe in fairy tales.  I know how to arrive at my own conclusions about things I read and learn about.  I don’t require another’s analysis of a subject.  I don’t think you were ever able to do that.  You would always get very defensive about my questioning your church’s teaching and authority over your beliefs.  You would always go into a rage, which now I find very interesting.  It is not normal for someone to get so defensive and not be able to talk calmly, like adults, about the issues that I presented.  I have studied your church’s doctrine and teachings in much more depth than you ever have.  I have watched all of their videos and read all the written material.  I have vomited, literally, when I realized how brainwashed you had become.  It made me so fucking sick; it made me fall to my knees in pain as I realized I had totally lost you.  God knows my pain.  He and I spoke often about it.  My opinions and observations have always been correct.  I have my suspicions as to why.  Although our marriage was on life support and dying, many of the reasons for that can be traced directly to your church’s teachings.  Not only that, even when considering the state of our marriage for several years, in the end you left me for your church.  You broke up our family so you didn’t have to defend the doctrines they taught from my arguments any longer.  You knew you couldn’t.  You left me for the control they had over your mind and your spirit.  You know I knew more than you ever would and that I studied doctrine to such depth that you could never convince me that your church was benign and what they taught was even marginally correct.  I only studied these things when I began to see the control they had over your mind and thoughts.  If I was wrong, don’t you think I would admit that?  Don’t you think that I truly and honestly believed that I found a real problem between us and tried like hell to fix it?  Don’t you think I wanted to save our marriage?  Don’t you think that I spent all of that time and wasted resources because I loved you so much?  Unfortunately your action and words only prove I have always been right.  However, I would never ignore your churches errors in exchange for our marriage, because that’s my eternity on the line.  That’s also biblical by the way.  I will have to correct the lies that you and your church have taught our children.  I would rather they didn’t believe in God right now than they believe the lies your church teaches.  In the end, those lies will only lead to their unhappiness and destruction.  They will always know that your church, your beliefs and your decisions caused the fatal blows to our marriage and to our family.  I really don’t have to do anything but watch as they completely lose their faith in your church and maybe even Christianity.  In time they will totally reject everything they were taught.  The pain in their little hearts will compel them to do this.  I give them only a few years before they fully realize what I predict here.  Children are like that.  They are intuitive to so many things we take for granted.  Yes, I hate your church.  It makes me burn with jealous rage to know how they stole my wife’s love and my children from me.  My wife is gone, but I hope and pray I can save my children.  You will actually help me with that.  You will do and say things that will convince them and others of the truth I have always seen.  As your anger is burning in your chest from reading this letter, know this, it is this anger that is all the proof I need.  It is this anger, which proves that you know deep down the words I write here are so very true.

It is not about churches that teach a correct version of the bible I have ever had a problem with.  I even will accept differences in some doctrinal beliefs.   On the contrary, it was when I advocated us as a family going to a different church you freaked out.  I did not have a larger agenda to my demand and my demand was just and proper.  It was then when all of my suspicions were confirmed.  Like Eve led the human race into sin, you have led our family into darkness.  As I tried to pull us out of that darkness, you jumped into the pit headlong with our innocent children in tow.  It was only as I looked into the precipice for you and them afterwards all of my fears were justified.  It was then I knew God would condemn you in the end.  I know you will never believe me, you don’t have to.  Your disbelief has no affect on the truth of Gods word.  Your disbelief does not change reality or the truth.

I was hoping to send you a love letter sometime.  For the longest time I just wanted you to come back to me.  I would cry when I heard songs that reminded me of Hawaii and you, I would feel sad when I looked at the perceived love you had for me in the pictures of us.  When I started this, I thought this would finally be it, the last one I would ever write to you, and it will be.  I have nothing else to say to you after this.  After this the only subject between us will be the basic needs of the girls and parenting time.  When they are of age even that will cease, forever ending the last bond we share together.  When that happens we can forget about each other.  I do remember when you told me you wanted me out of the girls lives.  Maybe you will get lucky and I may meet my end sooner rather than later.  Its 12 years and counting starting now.

In the previous letters I wrote to you it wasn’t love I was portraying in those letters, but the pain I was feeling, a racking, an all encompassing pain.  A pain I had never felt before.  I was merely begging you to come home so my pain would stop.  I have always been dependant on you and our marriage for my strength.  I see now I was somewhat codependent.  Altogether it was not healthy for me or us, but you leaving amplified my problems 100 fold.  It is now I have a chance to fix myself completely and permanently.  As I mentioned you had serious psychological issues during our marriage.  They are still there, stronger than ever.

In the end, you never deserved my self respect and that is what I was giving up when I begged for you to come home to me in those letters.  I realized some time ago I can’t love you anymore, it was killing me.  Loving you has always been a mistake that I will pay dearly for into the foreseeable future.  I should have known better and not let myself love you completely during our marriage.  I should have fucked all those women who wanted me over the years.  I should have never turned down any of the opportunities I was presented with.  If I followed through on my lusts, I wouldn’t have been as heartbroken when you left. I would have numbed myself, and hardened my heart.  I would have had your replacement already lined up.  But that’s not what happened.  I never wanted those women.  I was actually faithful to you to the end and it got me nowhere.  I only wanted you to satisfy my needs.  Every time we made love I hoped the intensity would be there between us.  I was always disappointed. Until recently I compared all the women I would meet to you.  I compared their bodies to your, their smell to yours, the feel of their skin to yours, how they kiss to how you kissed me.  I even compared how they felt like when I am inside of them to how I felt when I was inside of you.  During our marriage I always compared the other attractive women I would meet to you and I always choose you over all of them.  You were the only one I have ever wanted for all these years.  You were the only one I have ever needed.  Now I realize that you never deserved my faithfulness.  Instead of comparing those women to you I should have compared you to them.

Most American women do not deserve any man fidelity.  Women like you are the majority and women like you do not possess the character or skills to fulfill a man.  Women like you expect everything from the men in your lives.  You expect all of our labors, you expect our time and attention, and you expect us to sacrifice everything we desire as men for you.  Yet, you and your peers cannot even satisfy the most basic of men’s needs.  You refuse to be good wives, you cant cook, you even refuse to learn how to be good lovers, telling us we should just be satisfied with what you give us, or its disrespectful to demand you know how to fuck.  Really?  It is disrespectful to me that you don’t know how to fuck and refused to learn.  Men with experience leave our martial beds after sex with our wives with many unfulfilled needs, and women like you wonder why we desire other women and look at porn.  But, men like me have many choices and you made mine for me.  Even now with any new woman I meet I tell them not to expect monogamy from me if they cannot satisfy me.  If a new woman cannot fulfill me I will seek it elsewhere from others.  Love is a useless emotion.  All modern women are incapable of honest love so they don’t deserve it from a man.  Look at your single friends.  Look at your friends who desire a good man in their lives.  Those same women don’t deserve a good man because they are unable or simply refuse to give him what he needs while demanding and feeling entitled to everything from him.  This is one reason for my behavior.  It should have never even surprised you.

In the beginning I thought you might have been extraordinary, but I was very wrong, you are the average.  You are like most other women.  You have never respected any man in your life, not your father and certainly not me.  Maybe you respected the old mangina feminists you were talking to and fucking in college, the men least deserving of any woman’s respect.  You had a distorted view from the beginning about quality men.  You have a distorted view on love.  Maybe your father did something to you sexually to incur the fear and hate you have of him.  Maybe that’s why your hate for me was always so amplified.  Maybe that’s why you found sex with me so repugnant.  I don’t care much about that anymore except your distorted perceptions are going to mess up my daughters.  I am unsure if I can even mitigate that damage.  Either way, I will always love them and do my best to show them what a real man is, the man I want them to fall in love with.  I will teach them to be young women deserving of a good man.  For them to deserve a good man they cannot be like you in any way, they must be good and honorable women.  If they are like you they will do the same to their husbands and lovers that you have done to me and likely other men in your past.

I often hear women ask what happened to all of the good men and how come men no longer want to marry of have families.  Women like you happened to us.  Most good men will never marry or marry again, we will not work for a woman, and we will no longer desire children.  We will not commit to single mothers; we refuse to support other men’s children.  It is women like you that have done the most damage to our society.  Long ago there were standards of behavior; there was shame in breaking up a family.  Now it is so common your friends were likely applauding your decision.  You or your friends may have even had my replacement waiting in the wings for when the accepted amount of time had elapsed for you to start dating.  That’s more the norm than actually sticking by your commitments.  That’s why I cannot afford for our daughters to emulate you or your decisions.

By now your spell is wearing off.  The bio-chemical and spiritual bond we shared is gone forever and the separation has begun to harden my heart to you and any other women I may meet.  It hurt me so much physically and emotionally to not be around you.  I needed your presence.  I didn’t wash my sheets for months after you left for fear of losing your scent on the pillows.  Even if by some off chance you were trying to play a game so I would chase you, you overplayed your hand.  I don’t chase women.  I don’t have too.  I never really had to in the past, and even less so now it seems.  Why would you want other women to chase me instead of you? You made a decision and now we all must pay for it.  We had a chance to work on things, a good chance I think, before the clock ran out.  I remember looking into your blue eyes once, right after you left and seeing that last spark, but I believe it was your pride and your cowardice stopping you from doing the right thing, reaching out to sooth my pain and letting me sooth yours.  For the last 13 years only you could have soothed me, only you could have made me feel better.  It was a power I happily gave to you.  It was a power you had over me that you threw in my face.  I had to learn to sooth myself.  I did eventually and now I am almost happy that you never made that last effort to save our marriage.

I hoped for a long time that you not filing for divorce were a sign you eventually wanted to work on things and stay married.  I know deep down that was always a fallacy, a false hope on my part.  I still don’t know why you wait, maybe you are just a cheapskate, and maybe it’s your cowardice?  Maybe you are lazy?  Maybe you are even scared of finally being without a husband?  Maybe you still just want to control me and pull my strings like I let you in the past?  Maybe you want to see me in pain for as long as possible?  Maybe you know deep down that once the decree is signed you fear I will never care about you again or what happens to you.  Maybe you are feeling the loneliness and the betrayal that your decision is not all the fun it has been shown to be in the media.  Maybe all the hot guys have still not shown enough interests in you.  Maybe you stopped believing the lie.  Either way, I want out of our marriage now more than ever.  I have a new future to build that I think will be better than anything you and I could have done together.  This revelation actually hurts me to my core so much because it showed to me how much I had been willing to settle for with you instead of demanding the best from you.  All I needed from you, my wife, was you showing me genuine respect and adoration, taking care of my sexual needs with whatever intensity that was required by me, and providing me with the warmth and trust where I could in turn trust you.  You would in turn have gotten all of your needs met, such as my devotion, my faithfulness, my respect, and my undying love and commitment.

You have given me the biggest “fuck you” a woman could give a man, your abandonment without any discussion either before or after and then your indifference towards me.  After 13 years I know I deserve so much more.  I won’t get that of course. I no longer expect closure from you.  It would take a woman of character, integrity, and courage for that.  A woman of character would have handled things much different.  A woman with integrity and moral courage would have given me closure and would have allowed herself to receive the same from me.  That way we both would have moved on in a good and healthy way.

I don’t hate you.  I wont allow myself to feel that only because of the girls.  I loved you so damn much during our entire marriage.  When you left, my dreams were shattered, my heart lay in pieces and I had no direction anymore.  Now I only feel anger and resentment at you and your choices because of how they will affect my kids.  I no longer feel a great loss at what we had.  What did we have anyways?  I don’t know anymore.  I now believe that most of our marriage was a sham.  I think you manipulated me from the beginning to marry you by portraying a false image of what I wanted to see and not who you really are.  The only thing positive to come from our marriage was the girls, and now they are the tainted children of divorce, a statistic.  This does not affect my deep love for them at all, but it’s the truth.  Their chances at a lifetime marriage are only about 20%.  Those are shitty odds.  I grieve for them the most.  I will never marry again.  I see no point.  There is nothing in that institution for me and there never was.  I will never have any more children.  I may love another woman as much or more than I loved you, but I will never give her what I gave to you.  I will always keep my distance.  I will never allow my feelings to cloud my judgment again.  I made a terrible decision by marrying you.  I will not take that chance again.  It was never worth it.

While going through all of these emotions, healing and growing I was too fucked up to see the girls.  I think it would have been worse if they saw my crippling pain.  You don’t show any pain I am sure, and I know you don’t feel any, but I am a very passionate and empathetic man and cannot hide my pain like you can.  I almost fall apart when I look at the pain in my daughters faces.  As I get better I will be able to put on the face you do, the face of indifference.  At that point I can be the good daddy that they need.  You can try to use these words against me.  They are not threatening, they are not abusive.  They are what I felt like in our marriage and the feelings I had when you left me and took the children from me.  In the end you may realize the pain you have caused the girls and me.  I hope that one day you will repent for this.  I hope one day I can forgive you for your unforgivable betrayal.

I don’t want to end this letter on a bad note, but the good I saw in our marriage is tempered by the mediocrity and the bad I now see was always in it.  I really wish I could still fool myself and tell you I saw a lot of good in our marriage and relationship.  There are tasks you helped me with, and you will use those to justify your actions or use them to tell yourself you were a good wife, but that’s a lie.  All of the fundamental core problems in our marriage were ultimately yours personally.  You will never take ownership of this I know, but it’s the truth.  It makes me sad.

There is a few notable good things, but they were based upon my own unhealthy neediness and not anything you did.  Examples like me needing to touch you all of the time were my neediness for you.  I always thought you were a decent mother and attentive to the kids needs.  I hope my opinion does not change on that too much, we will see I suppose.  I am glad you continue to home school them, although I don’t think it’s a long term viable option for our new parenting dynamic.  I do realize that from time to time you tried to be sexy and available for me.  I don’t think you were really genuine when you did that then, but maybe I am wrong.  You would never have the guts or maturity to discuss these things with me anyways, so I will believe my first instinct.

I really loved you all of the time.  I cannot remember a time I did not love you.  Porn was a substitute for your lack of quality attention and quality sex with me, nothing more.  I always fantasized that I wished my wife would fuck me like I saw other couples fuck, have sex and make love.  That’s normal when a man is so deprived by his wife.  I lived in ignorance of what you were doing to me over the last 13 years.  Otherwise, I loved being married and having children.  I loved all of it.  Now it’s gone forever.  Sure I have parenting time with the kids, but what I felt married being to you is gone forever and it can never be replaced.  That does not mean I won’t be happy, I am sure I will be far happier in fact without you, in time, but I will always miss being married to you.


11 thoughts on “My Last Letter to My Wife

  1. KungPao says:

    Damn she sounds like a bitch. Really strong and powerful wording here, written from the heart. Hope you find a new girl man. Earnest and grateful, sweet and vigorous. Maybe get a Polish chick.

    Big tits, plush asses and they fuck like wild boars. As guys like Roosh have noted, they tend not to have the unearthly faces of the Ukrainians, but they’re still pretty. I’m a simple man with simple tastes, so the bitch I settle down with really only needs two things: Pretty face and big, well formed breasts.

    That is fuckin’ it! I’ve loved girls with 6.5-7 faces, you know just average female beauty, so long as they were built like a brick shit house. Strong thighs, plump rack, that kind of thing. Personality and common interests are irrelevant so long as she’s attracted and into pleasing me, such things are common and shared enough between me and her.

    Any defects of character can be broken out of her with a strong hand and a harsh mouth, women love being disciplined for their bullshit. And if her ass isn’t round enough, I’ll make her do squats with me until her backside makes me as hard as her front side, no implants.

    You say in your post not to get married again and that it was a mistake, when I settle down I’ll get married in a church, before God, but I won’t do any legal paperwork bullshit. I’ve heard that in Spain they do that kind of thing.

    Anyway, I like the passion in your words and will watch your blog from time to time. I like phoenix from the ashes stories and hope you find yourself in the arms of a hot, caring broad. Just now noticed that male divorcee stories often follow what female divorcee stories wish they would be, with the whole getting away from ungrateful spouse, then finding a way younger mate who is everything the cow wasn’t, only in the male version he isn’t banking on the chick being a secret millionaire.

    Keep it up!

    • I suppose she is a bitch. She was alright in the beginning but as she became more and more involved with her church she became more bitchy and much less sexy.

      I took a polish girls virginity and yes she would have made an excellent wife. She loved me and I would have loved her. If I was not raised by a feminist I might have realized that when I was younger. In fact my mother constantly steered me away from the best women who would have likely been good wives and instead encouraged relationships with the worst ones.

      An average (HB 6-7) woman seems to be the best candidates for LTR and emotional investment. Not super hot where she will be getting far too much attention, but enough to where me as a man will still see her as attractive even as we age together. Another thing I have noticed is many of the young super hotties as they age look like warpigs more often.

      My rebirth will happen over time. As I heal I will become social again and I will meet many young women. God willing I will find one that is good for me and too me. As my reinvention progresses so too will my standards and how I see the women I meet.

      Thank you for reading my letters. I have another blog where I discuss the dynamics of the issues I have faced and some of my observations. I write my essays from the perspective of my experiences.

      As time goes on I will determine which path I choose, become the player once again or settle down once again. Only time will tell.

      • KungPao says:

        That’s a familiar story, with her being acceptable in the beginning but then going to shit later on. That happened to my mom when she got divorced when I was too young too remember.

        Bloated cow with a sour personality, which all improved once she got back in the mating game. I imagine the male equivalent is you start off charming and badass but over time you starting ceding to your wife’s demands, because at first she asks so nicely and with such sweetness.

        But every time the wish is granted, their love towards you is diminished and they don’t even realize it! That’s what happened to my dad anyway. Can’t let your foot off these broads, even after you’ve ‘won’ them. It never ends, which pisses off some dudes in the manosphere, but its like maintaining your body with weights.

        There is never one point where you go ‘I’m done, I’ve arrived! Now I can relax.’, its a constant battle, ideally the better you are the less it feels like a battle.

        I agree with what you say about 6’s and 7’s. I know it’s a ‘no duh’ thing to say, but when a chick isn’t drop dead gorgeous but is still generally my type and she has a feminine personality, my eyes start lying to me and she becomes more attractive.

        Like this one farm girl chick somewhere from Ohio. Her face was a 6, body was thick, like if she didn’t lay off the corn and potatoes she would bloat the fuck up, but having a round ass and glamor model level breasts in terms of shape and size made up for it. But her PERSONALITY made me feel pangs of ‘I need to wife this broad up’, because of how she said things like how she loved to be submissive and told what to do.

        She might as well have been an 8 in my eyes after that, girls who directly espouse submissiveness is like man crack to me, almost as much as a shapely chest. But I let her go cause no way in hell I’m getting married before I’m 30.

        Anyway, I think you will find what you’re looking for. I know it’s New Agey to say, but what you focus on you will receive. Personally this has manifested in the girls I hang with, I’ve never slept with a woman who has less than a D cup. Whether that’s cause my eyes are more attuned to picking out the chesty ones from the crowd or the universe just sends ’em my way, I dunno, but I like to think my thoughts have something to do with it.

        Best of luck in your search!

      • My mother pulled the same tricks after she dumped my father and stole his assets.
        When my wife left I was fighting for the life of my business and her leaving just made me say fuck it. Your right when you let off the game for a second they will fuck up and possibly leave or fuck around. I did just what you mentioned by being to giving and supplicating.
        As I learn more I notice more of the negatives in the woman I meet, but I also see the positives that may make them into good long term mates, but the bad generally outweighs the good in them. I had several crabs try to pull be back down into the barrel when I tell them I demand excellence form a woman. They tell me I can’t expect a woman to have been with minimal partners and several even told me it didn’t matter how many cocks they had taken. WTF? Numbers matter, at least to me. It is not being overly picky to expect a low N, a submissive attitude, pleasant personality and a cute face and in shape body. She does not need a 6 pack, but healthy. I don’t care about how big her tits are and she can be anywhere from a 2 to a 8 pants size.

        I am not looking for marriage (been there done that) and the risks of that are far too high but having one or two nice ones to hang out with and I will be set. There are a few decent ones left for good men, if we look and if we stay on top of our game.

  2. KungPao says:

    Low N count is not just essential for bonding, but it also tends to go hand in hand with a woman’s vitality. The sluttiest chicks I know tend to be the most jaded, then again that could also be a side effect of hitting the wall around 30 and just aging period. I don’t know of any women that has that kind of innocent, giggly and youthful energy of their early 20s who is in their 30s.

    Men really don’t need much from their women, in terms of requirements so the next time you upset their ant hill maybe contrast your list against theirs. Granted it won’t do much given that they’ll rationalize a way for their 1,000 item (‘must have 12 pack, 6’5”, speaks 5 languages’) long check list to be more valid than your 4 item one but it could be for the benefit of anyone listening around.

    • The rational male has an essay on the alpha widow that applies here. If she was with a bunch of weaker men the N count does not matter as much, but it still matters alot. My last GF was jaded and you could see she had the 1000 cock stare in her eyes.

      Your point on the requirements men and women have is spot on. Your also right it wont do any good. I tried to explain this to my ex and she would not listen. After her I just dont care anymmore what a woman wants only what I want.

  3. Bluepillprofessor says:

    This is deep and profound with many life lessons. Thank you very much for your blog. A singular truth as certain as gravity is that giving a woman ‘everything’ that you have with unconditional love is the surest way for her to lose sexual interest and, ultimately, to hold you in cold contempt. This makes no sense to us guys but it is an unalterable law. You must make your mission in life your priority- NOT your woman. She will follow that frame but she will not respect a man who makes her his world.

    Sorry for your pain but you are in a much better place now. The best revenge is to ignore this woman except for kid stuff. Perhaps keep her as a FB friend so she can see your string of (much) younger and (much) hotter girlfriends. Welcome to the Game brother.

    • Thanks Professor. I am in a much better place and life will be soo much better without her. I have now been experiencing what I have been missing for the last 13 years in my marriage.

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