Letter to Christine

Your Passionate Poison

By: MonkeyWerks

Seeing as we met at a political function in August of 2012, there was much more politicking to be done before the election, especially for me.  Meeting you and the time we spent together gave me a new lease on life it seemed.  My self confidence started to return as with my self esteem.  I was happy that now I had a reason to get off of the couch.

We made plans to attend the weekend long event together.  I don’t remember who broached the subject, but we decided that it would be cheaper if we shared a room.  The drive was anticipatory for me.  I knew that I would be having sex with you this weekend.  I just wasn’t expecting what happened next.

After we checked into our hotel we went up to the room to drop off our things.  I thought we would go out for dinner or something afterwards.  After we walked into the room and dropped our bags, you were on top of me. It wasn’t five minutes before you had my pants off giving me head. Afterwards, I enthusiastically returned the favor, basking in your aroma and savoring your wetness.  I cannot remember a time when I desired a woman so much as I did you right then.  We had sex, and more sex, and then even more sex that afternoon.  I was hooked right then.  We did some of the things we were there for that evening, and then it was back to the hotel for an entire night of sex.  I was literally drained.   I think we slept for only two hours that night.

The next morning we had to get up early to do the work we were there for.  It was so hard to concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing that day.  I was like this every day afterwards, until we broke up.  The weekend was filled with sex, kissing, affection and your total attention being given to me.  I absolutely loved it.  I knew then that if this is what I could expect from you in our relationship, I could keep you forever.  I thought then that I would do anything for you, that you were my master.

Your pussy was so tight as you milked me when we came together.  My head was swimming in your lust, your scent filled my mind, my soul.  We fucked so many times I was drained, raw, my cock chaffed. I felt then that you saved yourself just for me, that I had been the only one to touch you for a long time.  That I was the man you have always longed for, but never found, until now.  It felt like our bodies were designed by God to come together, you were meant to be mine, I was meant to be inside of you, that no other would be able to fill you, satisfy you as perfectly as I did then.   You took all of me, bearing down on me as you came, as I filled you up with my very essence.

On the way home as I drove, you guided my hand inside your pants and under your panties so I could play with your pussy.  Our combined juices still dripping from you, I bathed in the afterglow of passions I had missed for so long, passions I though lost forever, passions I had to bury deep inside my heart and hide in my marriage and from the world.

I thought you were the one I had been secretly longing for my whole life.  My wife offered me security and children, but you gave me my masculinity.  You opened up my passions again.  I finally felt like a man after so many years.  I felt desired like I always deserved to be.

This was your first hook.  This hook penetrated my soul the deepest; it also hurt the most as I extracted it from my core. You used powers not of this realm to read what I needed the most from a woman.  You knew that your seductions would work with me just as they had with so many men before me.  Your methods were perfect.  Over four weeks, you built up my desires for you to the point of exploding and only then offered me the release I needed just at the last minute.  You knew that if you gave in to my lusts sooner you would lose the power you so desperately worked to establish, that you planned for, that you needed to live.  If you gave in to my desires sooner, you would forever lose your control over me, my body and my passions.  If you gave yourself over to my passions sooner, I would know the truth.  So you waited to strike, until just at the last moment before the drug of your previous seductions wore off completely.  You struck with perfect accuracy, injecting your poison into my soul.  It was then that you knew that I was lost to you forever.  You now controlled me with my one and only weakness.

After that weekend I craved your body every moment of every day.  I needed to seed your womb with my life.  When we were apart for more than a day I felt my addiction for you overtake my rational mind.  Like a heroin addict, you were the only thing I could think of.   The memory of your scent still filling my nostrils; I would long to feel your touch on my body, to be inside of you once again.



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