My Letters

I Wish

I wish you could apologize to me for the things you had done.  At one time I had such high hopes for us.  I even strongly considered how we could look as a family, me you and my girls.

When I would question your behavior you would deflect the real issues by bringing up minor unrelated nonsense from the past.  You would then expend great effort to make a mountain out of a molehill, all the while never addressing the real and more important issues.

When I would brush off these attempts by you to deflect the discussion, you became further enraged.  It soon became obvious that you were trying to hide your behaviors by refusing to address them.  You lied by omission.

I know the woman I was falling in love with and picturing as part of my family was a fake, a rendition only of my desires and not a real woman.  Your representation of my perfect woman was almost perfect, except you over played your character.  You deviated from the script one too many times.  The audience noticed the contradictions, the mistakes you made.  Your performance became labored, unintelligible, incoherent, your mistakes obvious.

I would have given you everything you needed, not everything you wanted.  There is a big difference and I know intimately what it is.

Love is returned freely when given freely

Respect is earned through feminine submission

Honor is recognized through actions



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